Restart From Last Checkpoint

First, we’ll initialize a client with our server credentials and store it in the variable dai.

import driverlessai

dai = driverlessai.Client(address='http://localhost:12345', username='py', password='py')

Then, we get the most recent version of an experiment with ‘iris’ in the name.

ex = [ex for ex in dai.experiments.list() if 'iris' in][0]

Finally, we’ll use the experiment’s retrain() method to start a new experiment from a smart checkpoint.

Experiment launched at: http://localhost:12345/#experiment?key=4238412c-6003-11ea-919d-0242ac110002
Complete 100% - Status: Complete
<class 'driverlessai.experiments.Model'> 4238412c-6003-11ea-919d-0242ac110002