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This page describes concepts that are found in the H2O eScorer documentation.


Snowflake serves as the data foundation for H2O eScorer. It is a cloud-based enterprise data warehouse that provides secure storage and management capabilities for large datasets. H2O eScorer utilizes Snowflake to store and manage the data required for scoring.

Snowflake SQL queries

H2O eScorer leverages Snowflake's SQL query functionality to interact with your data. These queries serve as structured instructions for retrieving specific information from your data stored in Snowflake. Essentially, they enable H2O eScorer to efficiently prepare data for model scoring.

Snowpark Container Services (SPCS)

For advanced users and developers, Snowpark within Snowflake offers the ability to securely run non-SQL code like Python. This capability is particularly valuable for complex data manipulation tasks or model development beyond the capabilities of basic SQL queries. SPCS further enhance this functionality by allowing the execution of containerized applications – pre-packaged software environments – that contain your custom code for model development or processing. These container services essentially provide secure, isolated workspaces within Snowflake, equipped with the necessary tools for building and running your models directly.

Model stats dashboard

This dashboard is a built-in visualization tool within H2O eScorer that also serves as a live dashboard for model stats across models. It serves as a central hub for displaying key metrics that evaluate the performance of your deployed models. These metrics can encompass various aspects like accuracy, precision, recall, or other relevant statistics depending on the specific model type. The model stats dashboard helps you to gain critical insights into model effectiveness and identify areas for potential improvement.