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What is H2O eScorer?

H2O eScorer is a production-ready service for model deployment and scoring that comes with a bundle of feature-rich and intuitive self-service tools to rapidly operationalize your models.

H2O eScorer provides a light-weight, low-latency Python client with simple APIs that your existing enterprise applications can use to make predictions in real time or as a batch.

For more detailed information on H2O eScorer, download the H2O eScorer - Using Models in Production PDF.

What's included?

  1. eScorer: A secure, auto-scalable, and highly available H2O AI Cloud service.
  2. Wave app: A graphical user interface for model registry, model statistics, and lifecycle management.
  3. Python client: We believe that "the best code is no code at all". That's why we bring to you APIs that are simple and robust. Make predictions on millions of rows of data in less than 10 lines of code.

H2O eScorer is not a core component of H2O AI Cloud and can be installed on a per-invitation basis.

What can I do with it?

You can use H2O eScorer to do the following:

  • Deploy new models using the point-and-click GUI.
  • View a list of models and model features, and score sample data all within your browser.
  • Automatically generate deployment code for your models, including Snowflake Functions and Jupyter Notebooks, to help you get your models to production quickly.
  • Integrate the Python API with just a few lines of code to score models in your existing enterprise applications.
  • View a real-time dashboard that displays live information on model invocations, latency, errors, and more.