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Key terms

This page describes key terms that are used in the H2O eScorer documentation.


This refers to H2O eScorer's ability to automatically generate model deployment code for specific tasks.

JDBC driver

This is a software component that enables Java applications (like H2O eScorer) to connect to and interact with databases like Snowflake.


These are pre-built user interface components within H2O eScorer that provide specific functionalities or visualizations. They are used to display data, configure models, or interact with results.


These are reusable blocks of code within H2O eScorer that perform specific calculations or operations on data. They can be used for data manipulation, model building, or other tasks.

Compute pool

This refers to a group of computing resources that H2O eScorer can leverage for tasks like model training or scoring. Compute Instance Families can be used to specify the type of computing resources within the pool. Different instance families offer varying processing power, memory, and storage capacities to suit your workload requirements.


This is an open-source identity and access management (IAM) system that H2O eScorer integrates with for user authentication and authorization purposes.