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Version: v0.4.0

Download a clustering task's cluster labels


Once clustering results are available, you can download a clustering task's cluster labels. H2O Label Genie downloads a CSV file containing the clustering task's cluster labels. For example, the CSV file can be utilized to:

  • Annotate a cluster in the dataset separately
  • Remove a cluster completely
  • Train an H2O Hydrogen Torch model

To learn more about a clustering task's tabs, see Clustering task tabs.


To download a clustering task's cluster labels (once clustering results are available), consider the following instructions:

  1. In the H2O Label Genie navigation menu, click Data exploration.
  2. In the clustering tasks table, double-click the row where the clustering task you want to download its clustering labels is located.
  3. Click Export cluster labels.

    You can also download the cluster labels in the Map tab.

    1. Click the Map tab.
    2. Click Export cluster labels.