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Version: v0.2.0

Release notes

v0.2.0 | Sep 30, 2022


  • The application was renamed to H2O Label Genie.


  • When annotating a dataset, you can now use a new button named "Back." The new button will allow you to return to a previous dataset sample.


  • Now, H2O Label Genie offers several out-of-the-box demo datasets to test all supported annotation tasks.
  • Now, H2O Label Genie provides AWS S3 as a dataset connector to access external data sources. To learn more, see Dataset connectors.

New annotation tasks

  • Audio classification: H2O Label Genie now supports an audio classification annotation task. To learn more, see Audio classification.
  • Audio regression: H2O Label Genie now supports an audio regression annotation task. To learn more, see Audio regression.

Annotation tasks

  • Now, H2O Label Genie features zero-shot predictions for annotations tasks around image classification, text classification, and object detection based on the provided labels.
  • H2O Label Genie added Picker for regression annotation tasks.


  • You can now access a new set of tutorials where tutorials are divided into three major areas: text, image, and audio annotation tasks. To learn more, see Tutorials.
  • All new features and settings for v0.2.0 have been documented.
  • All documentation files before v0.2.0 have been reviewed and rewritten and, in some cases, restructured.