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Version: v0.3.0

Release notes

v0.3.0 | April 4, 2023


At the core of the new version, H2O Label Genie improves and expands on its currently supported annotation tasks. These new improvements and expansions further expand the mission to offer a platform that enables you to generate labeled datasets supported in H2O Hydrogen Torch rapidly. To provide in-depth knowledge of image and text datasets, H2O Label Genie now supports the analysis of such datasets through clustering tasks that, for example, generate embeddings in 2D and 3D that can help you understand the data structure of the dataset. Among other things, you can now import data from H2O Drive.

To learn more about the new release, observe the below subsections.


  • New: H2O Label Genie now supports several keyboard shortcuts that enable you to speed up the annotation process of a dataset (for example, the U key approves the annotated (labeled) sample to move to the next sample). To learn more, see Hotkeys.


Data exploration

  • New: Now, you can explore an image or text dataset through a clustering task. A clustering task refers to finding and exploring groups in a dataset. To learn more, see Supported clustering tasks.

Annotation tasks


  • New: All new features and settings for v0.3.0 have been documented (which includes new tutorials for new annotation tasks).
  • New: A new UI and UX for the documentation website are now available.