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Version: v0.15.0

Export Connections

H2O Model Validation enables you to export all your Connections that you can later import back. Exporting your Connections avoids the need to reenter the credentials of each Connection. H2O Model Validation downloads (exports) all Connections to a .bin file (for example, connections.bin), except for Connections in a MissingCredentials state.

For security purposes, H2O Model Validation does not store the credentials of created Connections. If your instance of H2O Model Validation is paused and restarted, the credentials of created Connections are lost (in a MissingCredentials state). In that case, to reuse (reactivate) your Connections, you need to reenter the credentials of each Connection (to learn more, see Add a Connection's credentials). When you utilize multiple Connections, it is not convenient to add the credentials for each Connection one by one when the instance of the application is frequently paused and restarted.

To learn how to import your Connections (connections.bin) to H2O Model Validation, see Import Connections.


  1. In the H2O Model Validation navigation menu, click Connections.
  2. Click Export.