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Version: v1.1.7



A Job in h2oGPTe signifies a single crawling or indexing task, or a batch of individual crawling and indexing tasks that are grouped together for execution. A Job is initiated by starting an action such as importing Documents, crawling and indexing Documents, deleting Chats or Collections, and other such tasks.

Initiating a task redirects you to the Jobs page, where you can view a list of Active Jobs currently in progress and their respective completion percentages. Note that you can also view this page by clicking Jobs on the h2oGPTe navigation menu. Jobs


To view active Jobs for a specific Collection, click Collections on the h2oGPTe navigation menu and click on the Collection you want to view. Active Jobs currently being executed for this specific Collection will appear on this page.

Troubleshooting tip

If certain tasks within a specific Job have failed, you will see an error indicating the reason for the failure. Failed Tasks in a Job

Terminate a Job

To immediately stop a Job that is actively running, click Terminate. Terminate Job