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View a Job


A Job in Enterprise h2oGPTe signifies a single/batch of crawling or indexing tasks. In particular, the following tasks are referred to as a Job:

  • Ingest a Document from the file system
  • Ingest (add) a Document from upload
  • Ingest (crawl) a website
  • Index Document(s)
  • Update a Collection's statistics
  • Delete a Document(s)
  • Delete a Document(s) from a Collection
  • Delete a Collection(s)
  • Import a stored Document to a Collection
  • Import all Document(s) from a Collection to another Collection
  • Summarize a Document

After starting a Job in Enterprise h2oGPTe, you can access its status, including the percentage of completion.


To view a Job, consider the following step:

  1. In Enterprise h2oGPTe, click Jobs. Jobs

Terminate a Job


Right after starting a Job in Enterprise h2oGPTe, you can terminate it.


Terminating a Job removes the Job from the Enterprise h2pGPTe servers permanently. Once a Job is terminated, there is no way to undo the action or recover the deleted Job.


To terminate a Job right after starting the Job, consider the following steps:

  1. In Enterprise h2oGPTe, click Jobs. View a Job
  2. In the [N] job in progess card, click the X button for the Job you want to terminate. X icon
  3. In the Terminate job? card, click Terminate. Terminate Job