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Access H2O eScorer

The H2O eScorer app has an on-demand instance life cycle, which means that you can launch your own instance of the H2O eScorer app on the H2O AI Cloud (HAIC).

Sign in to HAIC

Sign in to your H2O AI Cloud (HAIC) account.

Search for H2O eScorer in the App Store

  1. On the HAIC home page, click App Store.
  2. Click the search box and enter H2O eScorer.


Now, select the H2O eScorer tile. Details about H2O eScorer appear.

Step 3: H2O eScorer instance

Now you can navigate to the H2O eScorer managed instance. To open H2O eScorer in a new tab, click Visit.


  • The latest version of H2O eScorer is preselected.
  • In the H2O eScorer instance, several items will be installed. Right after, you will be able to use H2O eScorer. All items are automatically installed when you start an instance.

Pause or terminate instance


Since H2O eScorer app has a managed instance lifecycle, end users cannot create, pause or terminate an instance of H2O eScorer. For more information, see Apps with Managed Instance Lifecycle.