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What is H2O AI Cloud?

H2O AI Cloud (HAIC) is an end-to-end AI platform designed to help create, deploy, monitor, and share data models or AI applications for virtually any use case. It is deployed on Kubernetes and can be run on most cloud or on-premise infrastructure. Depending on how much control you want to have over your HAIC deployment, you can choose between the two available deployment options.

The platform encompasses a few core components and products of that, together, make up the H2O AI Cloud, including:

  • AI App Store
  • H2O Enterprise Steam
  • H2O Driverless AI
  • H2O-3
  • H2O Hydrogen Torch
  • H2O MLOps
  • Other H2O backend services

Let's begin by understanding what you can do using HAIC and how the preceding components fit into the big picture to run seamlessly together as the single platform that is HAIC.

Navigate to H2O AI Cloud and log in.

H2O AI Cloud homepage

Once you are logged in, the H2O AI Cloud homepage is the first page that you see.

H2O AI homepage

The homepage consists of different widgets to allow the users to access the products of H2O AI Cloud quickly and efficiently.

  • Top left widget - Start here : This will be different for each environment, and the admin can change the title text and the app details pages that are linked from here.

  • Top right widget - Industry accelerators : This will be different for each environment, and the admin can change the title text and the app details pages that are linked from here.

  • Center left widget - My app instances : This will show your users' latest app instances. From here, you can visit or pause a running instance and resume a paused instance. Additionally, you can pause or resume all the instances at once by clicking on ... on the top right corner of the widget and selecting Resume all instances or Pause all instances. To view all the app instances on the My instances tab, click View all.

  • Center center widget - My pinned apps : You can pin any App details page that you want to be able to access quickly, and all the pinned apps will be shown here.

  • Center right widget - My imported apps : This will show the latest apps you have uploaded to the AI app store. To view a specific app details page, click View. To view all the apps you have uploaded on the My apps tab, click View all.

  • Bottom left widget - Learn to make apps : This will be different for each environment, and the admin can change the title text and the app details pages that are linked from here.

  • Bottom right widget - Latest uploaded apps : This will show the latest apps that are uploaded to the AI App Store.

AI App Store

Once you are logged in, click App Store on the top navigation bar to visit AI App Store.

AI App Store Screen

The AI App Store is a front-end platform and deployment system used to rapidly prototype, deploy, and browse AI applications that are designed for fulfilling different use cases. Your organization can have its own internal App Store to host the applications that are most important to your company. On this App Store, you can deploy or browse AI applications built by your company's engineers, as well as include applications built by the makers at H2O. The categories panel that you see on the left side lists out the various categories of applications that are available on your App Store, or you can simply use the search bar at the top to search for a particular app.

Automated exploratory data analysis

Through the H2O AutoInsights functionality integrated with H2O AI Cloud, HAIC enables the ability to automatically explore and discover hidden insights in the data using statistical and machine learning analyses. You can view discovered insights in interactive visuals and easy-to-understand narrative summaries that clarify and elevate the value of your data.

Search for H2O AutoInsights on the App Store home page, and run the app to prep your data and extract insights.

H2O AutoInsights

Build models and experiments

H2O AI Cloud enables you to create new AI models and run experiments on your data using automated machine learning capabilities such as feature engineering, validation, selection, and tuning for your model. Since the key machine learning tasks are automated, this helps data scientists to work more efficiently on their projects.

The automated machine learning capabilities are powered by H2O-3, H2O Hydrogen Torch, and Driverless AI, which are in turn managed by H2O Enterprise Steam. H2O Enterprise Steam is the engine manager behind HAIC.

Click MY AI ENGINES to navigate to Enterprise Steam.

H2O Enterprise Steam

Model validation and monitoring

The data models that are created are productionalized by H2O MLOps, where the model validation and monitoring of its performance takes place so that it can then be consumed by an AI application.

Click MY MODELS to navigate to H2O MLOps.


App development

H2O AI Cloud provides an open-source, Python app development framework called H2O Wave, which you can use to build business-friendly AI applications using the models that were built and productionalized using the other components of the HAIC platform. The Wave SDK allows developers to build easily using Python libraries without having to worry much about the front-end Javascript or CSS for the interactive UI components.

Once you have built your application, you can navigate to MY APPS to import it to H2O AI Cloud.

My Apps

To view and access your active app instances, click MY INSTANCES. An app instance will be paused automatically if it has not been used in approximately three hours.