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H2O AI Cloud personas

H2O AI Cloud (HAIC) is an end-to-end platform with a complete set of machine learning tools that can be used across teams for each stage of creating with AI. This page details the different personas that use this platform and what they can use it for.

Data analysts and scientists

Data analysts and data scientists make use of the AutoML capabilities of HAIC to optimize data science workflows and get time-consuming machine learning tasks such as automated exploratory data analysis, feature engineering, validation, selection, and model tuning out of the way, so that they can better focus on core tasks of the AI project. HAIC also helps to increase accuracy and transparency, thereby boosting the overall quality of the project as well.

Due to the simplicity and ease of the AutoML AI engines in HAIC, more people within an organization are empowered to start building models and run experiments with their datasets. This can help increase the amount of AI projects that a company is able to complete.

To get started with autoML, you can start by trying out the Getting Started Tutorial or check out the landing page for deep links into each AI engine.

App developers

HAIC enables app developers to build and deploy amazing, realtime analytics with dramatically less effort using H2O's software development kit Wave. Wave turns data analysts and data scientists into app developers by allowing anyone who can use Python to start building frontends for their models and use cases. App developers can upload their applications and develop them iteratively on the H2O AI cloud platform without having to worry about scalability for the massive datasets behind the app.

For more information and deeps links on building apps, see Build and Deploy Apps or check out the Applications section on the landing page.

Machine Learning engineers

HAIC includes comprehensive model validation and monitoring capabilities that allow machine learning engineers to make informed decisions about the deployed models and ensure that they are working as intended. Models that need to be transparently explained and examined for bias can be done so using H2O's extensive machine learning interpretability.

For more information about deploying and monitoring models, check out the models section on the landing page.

DevOps and infrastructure team

HAIC is fully integrated with NVIDIA RAPIDS, ensuring high performance computing and high scalability. HAIC aids DevOps engineers and the infrastructure team in their compliance efforts by ensuring that global compliance requirements are met. HAIC also ensures security by following data security and network security best practices and using trusted authentication providers.

For more information about HAIC deployment, see H2O AI Cloud offerings. To read about security and authorization, see the App Store Admin guide.

Business users

Business users can consume applications on HAIC via the App Store, which provides a user friendly interface for users to easily access and use applications that are custom-built by app developers to meet unique business needs. These AI apps are built using machine learning models and they provide real-time data insights to make quick and informed business decisions.

To get started, you can start by checking out your organization's App Store and reading What is H2O AI Cloud.