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About version support

The H2O AI Cloud release frequency is based on a 6-months cycle. Each release version corresponds to YYYY.MM.PATCH format where MM and YYYY correspond to month and year of release and represents the major version of the release. PATCH represents the patch version number of that specific release.

Every H2O AI Hybrid Cloud release is supported for 12 months from the date of the first major release - that includes all capabilities, components included in the release (e.g., H2O Driverless AI, H2O MLOps, Enterprise Steam). However, these support terms do not override specific support terms of products that are sold individually (e.g., H2O Driverless AI).

For example, the end of support date for v23.01.0 is April 14 2024, which is 12 months after the initial release date of April 14th 2023. The end of support date for v23.01.1 is also April 14 2024 because v23.01.1 is a minor release that is a derivative of the major release v23.01.0.

The EOS (End of Support) dates for each specific release are published in the H2O AI Hybrid Cloud release notes.