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H2O AI Cloud deployment

H2O AI Cloud offerings

H2O AI Cloud (HAIC) can be deployed in your organization in one of two ways:

H2O AI Hybrid Cloud

H2O AI Hybrid Cloud (HAHC) is a deployment option of H2O AI Cloud, which provides you with complete control over your own infrastructure, software updates, security, and compliance.

H2O AI Managed Cloud

H2O AI Managed Cloud (HAMC) is a managed offering featuring a complete set of H2O AI Cloud capabilities on a fully managed cloud environment that handles infrastructure provisioning, scale, and software updates. HAMC is designed for high availability and provides tools to develop, deploy, manage and maintain AI-based applications. HAMC also incorporates the following security features:

  • Single tenant architecture
  • Customer data never leaves the selected region
  • Data is encrypted at rest and in transit in all public facing interfaces
  • Access to the production environment is enforced with a zero trust policy
  • Access to the production environment is constantly logged and monitored

H2O AI Cloud deployment methods makes use of external infrastructure management or software distribution tools to safely and easily deploy H2O software onto your enviroment. While you can expect to have constant comunication and support from the team throughout the deployment process, this section will help you understand the different methods of deployment and which one is suitable for you.

There are three main automated installers that are used to install and deploy H2O AI Hybrid Cloud:

HAIC Terraform installer

Terraform is an infrastructure automation tool. has developed an automated Terraform installer that can be used to deploy and install HAIC to your environment. The Terraform installer:

  • Provisions and manages cloud infrastructure for Amazon AWS, Google GCP, and Microsoft Azure.
  • Installs and configures HAIC in a Kubernetes cluster
  • Supports installing HAIC on Openshift
  • Supports AWS EKS, GCP GKE, Azure AKS,, and Red Hat OpenShift

With H2O AI Hybrid Cloud, you get all of the power H2O AI Cloud offers but completely within your own control and infrastructure.'s team of skilled specialists can install H2O AI Cloud within an existing account using industry best practices.'s team can either provision new infrastructure, such as Kubernetes clusters, S3 buckets, database servers, etc or use existing infrastructure.

HAIC Helm installer

Helm is a widely adopted, open-source tool used to install and manage Kubernetes applications.

The HAIC Helm installer includes one helm chart containing all the H2O software components. You can retain full ownership of your cloud provider account (e.g., AWS) and create your infrastructure. The H2O team can then configure the helm chart based on the components of HAIC that you wish to install, and install it for you on your environment.

HAIC Replicated installer

Replicated is a software distribution tool used to distribute Helm charts to enterprise customers. The HAIC Replicated installer works similarly to the Helm installer where you can retain full ownership of your cloud provider account (e.g., AWS) and create your own infrastructure. The H2O team can then install HAIC for you on your environment.

One of the main differences when using Replicated is that sotware delivery can be quicker. Replicated supports generating support bundles, making it easier and faster to deploy any requested patches and bug fixes to your environment. Replicated also has a user interface which makes it a bit easier to work with.


Helm and Replicated support air-gapped installation which means there will be no access to the public internet. If your company has this kind of policy for security reasons, Helm or Replicated would the best way to deploy H2O AI Hybrid Cloud in your environment.