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H2O AI Cloud (HAIC) is an end-to-end AI platform that will help you accelerate completion of machine learning or AI projects and will support you throughout the entire project lifecycle for any use case. It includes AutoML functionality, interpretability, model monitoring functionality, an App Store, and an SDK to build AI applications. Basically, it is the whole package!

For more information, see What is H2O AI Cloud.

Why do I need H2O AI Cloud?

Artificial intelligence is becoming - and will continue to be - more pervasive in society, which means more people, regardless of technical expertise or mathematical background, need access to it. Beyond simply having access, AI must also be easy, fast, and cost effective to use in support of the experimentation efforts required to quickly and successfully move people from ideas to impact.

The movement from ideas to impact is where we tangibly see that mission of democratizing AI deliver strategic value to our customers. The needs to scale the use of machine learning, grow revenue, optimize operations, mitigate risk, and personalize experiences isn’t unique. These are priorities nearly every company shares.

However, what is unique to HAIC, is the ability to meet those objectives with dynamic intelligence by providing agility in the experimentation, deployment, and feedback mechanisms surrounding AI, significantly accelerating project timelines and supporting continuous learning and innovation.

Our state-of-the-art machine learning platform is designed to provide organizations with that agility and confidence needed to experiment with, and put AI to work.

What are the main components of HAIC?

The different components of HAIC can be categorized as follows:


  • The AI Engine Manager ensures that the right users have access to the right hardware and ML tools to build models. This functionality is currently performed by Enterprise Steam.

  • H2O-3 Open Source lets data scientists build open source models and access AutoML / explanations at scale.

  • Driverless AI automates the machine learning workflow with experimentation, feature engineering, interpretability, and deployment ready pipelines.

  • Hydrogen Torch allows non-experts to build Deep Learning pipelines for a variety of image and text use cases.

  • Document AI allows users to build and solve their document use cases.


  • H2O MLOps lets users manage, deploy, and monitor models.

  • Model Validation helps data scientists ensure their model will perform well in production.


  • The App Store is a deployment system for rapid prototyping, deployment, and sharing of AI Apps

  • H2O Wave is an app development framework built for data scientists

  • AutoInsights allows users to quickly understand what’s interesting about their data

For more information and deep links into each of these sub-components, see the landing page.

What is the difference between Managed and Hybrid Cloud?

Managed Cloud and Hybrid Cloud are essentially two different ways to deploy H2O AI cloud depenging on how much control you want to have over your HAIC deployment. For more information, see H2O AI Cloud Offerings

Can I see the product in action?

Yes you can! Request a demo of H2O AI Cloud to see a guided walkthrough of the product.

What kind of data can HAIC handle?

H2O AI Cloud includes different AI engines to process different types of data including unstructured text, documents, images, or video.

How can I request a new feature for H2O AI Cloud?

To request a new feature, please get in touch with