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Version: v0.8.2

Analysis flow

The following steps describe the typical flow of analyzing a dataset (data) with H2O AutoInsights.

In the below sections, each step above, in turn, is summarized.


H2O AutoInsights supports tabular data. Image, video, and audio data are not currently supported.


For an in-depth understanding of how to analyze a dataset in H2O AutoInsights, see Tutorial 1: Introduction to H2O AutoInsights.

Step 1: (Optinal) Transform columns

In step one of the analysis flow, upload the dataset and right after, H2O AutoInsights offers the optional ability to control the treatment of numerical (measure) and categorical (dimension) type columns. If you skip this step, the auto transformation engine (H2O AutoInsights) handles the numeric to categorical conversion.

skip data transformation

Step 2: Select columns to analyze

As the second step in the analysis flow, you can select which columns to analyze. Also, during step two, H2O AutoInsights provides additional column settings to specify a reference target column to generate insights highlighting interactions between the reference column and other columns. Among these additional column settings, you can customize columns for geographic and time-series analyses. For more information, see + Additional options.


Step 3: Review analysis settings

In step three, review the autoselected sub-analyses H2O AutoInsights selected for the overall dataset analysis. H2O AutoInsights selects an appropriate, supported analysis type to include in the overall dataset analysis based on the data type of a selected column to analyze. For the selected analysis types, H2O AutoInsights offers the ability to customize the analysis types settings during this step. For more information, see Analyses settings.

In step three, you can also explore why H2O AutoInsights dropped or transformed certain columns for the overall dataset analysis.

Analysis types

Step 4: Review generated insights

As the fourth and final step in the analysis flow, review the insights H2O AutoInsights generated for each selected analysis type (which was included in the overall dataset analysis).