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Version: v0.15.0

Model validation flow

The following steps summarize the flow of validating a model in H2O Model Validation:

For more information on each of the preceding steps, refer to the following sections.

Step 1: Establish a Connection and import a model

Establish a Connection that lets you import your models from one of the supported platforms. Once a Connection has been established, you can begin importing models.

Step 2: Create validation test(s)

Run one or multiple validation tests for the imported model. H2O Model Validation offers a variety of validation tests to analyze the robustness and stability of your machine learning models. You can fine-tune the parameters of each test by using the available configuration settings.

Step 3: Review test(s) metrics

Review the validation test(s) metrics. For each validation test, H2O Model Validation offers a variety of metrics in graphs, charts, and heatmaps that let you assess the results of each test in detail.