Completed Experiment

After an experiment status changes from RUNNING to COMPLETE, the UI provides you with several options:

  • Deploy: Refer to Deploying the MOJO Pipeline. (By default, this option is disabled until the MOJO Scoring Pipeline has been built. In addition, this option is not available for PPC64LE environments.)
  • Interpret this Model: Refer to Interpreting a Model. (Not supported for NLP experiments. Please contact H2O support for assistance with interpreting NLP experiments.)
  • Diagnose Model on New Dataset: Refer to Diagnosing a Model.
  • Score on Another Dataset: Refer to Score on Another Dataset.
  • Transform Another Dataset: Refer to Transform Another Dataset. (Not available for Time Series experiments.)
  • Download Predictions dropdown:
    • Training (Holdout) Predictions: In csv format, available if a validation set was NOT provided.
    • Validation Set Predictions: In csv format, available if a validation set was provided.
    • Test Set Predictions: In csv format, available if a test dataset is used.
  • Download Python Scoring Pipeline: A standalone Python scoring pipeline for H2O Driverless AI. Refer to Driverless AI Standalone Python Scoring Pipeline.
  • Build MOJO Scoring Pipeline: A standalone Model Object, Optimized scoring pipeline. Refer to Driverless AI MOJO Scoring Pipeline - Java runtime. (Not available for TensorFlow, RuleFit, or FTRL models.)
  • Download Experiment Summary: A zip file containing the following files. Refer to the Experiment Summary section for more information.
    • A summary of the experiment
    • The experiment features along with their relative importance
    • Ensemble information
    • An experiment preview
    • Word version of an auto-generated report for the experiment
    • A target transformations tuning leaderboard
    • A tuning leaderboard
  • Download Logs
Experiment Complete