Model Insights

For time series and Automatic Image Model experiments, you can view detailed insights while an experiment is running or after an experiment is complete by clicking on the Insights option.

Insights link

Time Series Insights

The Insights page for time series experiments includes the following graphs:

  • Time Based Validation Splits for Model Tuning and Feature Evolution

  • Training Data for Final Pipeline

  • Time Based Back Testing of Final Pipeline on Training Data

You can hover over a point in the graphs to view the dates in the graphs.

TS Insights

ImageAuto Model Insights

The Insights page for ImageAuto Model experiments contains the following information about the current best individual model:

  • Best individual model hyperparameters

  • Train and validation loss graph (by epoch)

  • Validation scorer graph (by epoch)

  • Learning rate graph (by epoch)

  • Sample train and augmented train images

  • Sample augmented train images

  • Sample validation error images

  • Sample Grad-CAM visualizations

Automatic Image Model Insights