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View submitted feedback (Upvote and Updown responses)


When chatting with a Collection, also known as a Chat session, you can Upvote or Downvote a response from Enterprise h2oGPTe. In particular, when Upvoting or Downvoting a chat response, you can provide written feedback stating why you consider it a good (Upvote) or bad (Downvote) response. Your feedback helps developers improve the model. Enterprise h2oGPTe stores your feedback on the Feedback page.

On the Feedback page, you can view submitted feedback regarding past responses during a Chat session (also known as chatting with a Collection). For each submitted response feedback, you can specifically view the following:

  • The responses that received either an Upvote or Downvote.
  • Your comments about either an Upvote or Downvote response.

Additionally, you can view the prompt and LLM settings the model used to generate a response.


To view past submitted feedback responses, consider the following step:

  1. In the Enterprise h2oGPTe navigation menu, click Feedback.