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Using jobs

The Jobs page displays currently active and completed Jobs.

The basic layout of the Jobs page showing the Job ID, Job Type, Status, Created, and Duration columns and the Info button.

From this page you can see the:

  • Job ID
  • Job type
  • Status
  • Created date & time
  • Duration for which the job ran


There are four status states on the Jobs page: Pending, Done, Canceling, and Canceled.

A Pending job is currently running. This job can be cancelled.

A Done job has finished running. It has either successfully run or failed. Check either the logs or the page the finished job printed to see whether the job was successful or not. You can now interact with the new product.

A Cancelling job is in the process of being canceled.

A job is marked Canceled when it is done being stopped.

Interacting with a job

Each job has an Info button at the end of the row. Clicking Info will provide you with the log for your job. To view the full log in a pop-out window, click Expand. You can also download a text file of your log by clicking Download.

Cancelling a job

You can cancel a Pending job from this page. Jobs with the Pending status are the only time a Job will have a drop-down arrow next to the Info button.

  1. Click the drop-down arrow next to the Info button on the Pending job
  2. Click Cancel