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Chat with a Collection


Note: There are many strategies for importing and creating collections so that you get the best responses for your use case. For guidance on how to use collections, see Collections usage overview.

Chatting with a Collection lets you ask questions about the Document(s) in the Collection. When answering a question, Enterprise h2oGPTe provides the Document(s) references it utilized to respond to a question.

When you ask a question about the Document(s), h2oGPTe crawls through the indexed Document(s) in the Collection to find relevant content to answer the question while utilizing the H2O LLM to summarize a concise question response.


Following participation in a Chat with a Collection, you can distribute the Chat session as a publicly accessible read-only copy via a publicly generated URL. To learn more, see Share a chat.


To Chat with a Collection, consider the following instructions:

  1. In the Enterprise h2oGPTe navigation menu, click Collections.
  2. Click the Collection you want to Chat with in the All collections, My collections, or Shared tab.
  3. Click Start your first Chat. Start your first chat

    If you already initiated a Chat with the Collection, click New Chat.